Philipp Schuster's github walkthrough

Welcome! Let me walk you through a selection of the projects I have on github.

Marry HaXL and neo4j

HaXL is a Haskell library that executes queries to databases with maximal concurrency and batching. neo4j is a graph database written in Java that exposes a REST interface. I have written a library that combines the two.

Image analysis tool

The physics department wants to extract data from a large number of images. They have paid me to develop a tool that allows them to create programs in a very domain specific language and then run them on all images in a folder.

Maintainer of haskell-names

After parsing Haskell source code it is useful to resolve imports and exports. I have taken over maintainership of haskell-names, a library written by Roman Cheplyaka, that does this.

Experimental package manager

As part of my master’s thesis I am developing a code package manager (like maven, npm, NuGet, RubyGems, …) that does not distribute whole packages, but very small snippets. This should allow you to use parts of libraries but only pay for those parts you actually use.

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